Dreams Come True. Irina Bobrova

Customer Relationship Manager, talks about technologies, process organization, and curiosity

The success story of 20A consists of the victories and achievements of its employees who develop their professional skills and grow together with the company. Today we are going to tell you about Irina Bobrova, Customer Relationship Manager, who started working in 20A seven years ago as a warehouse inspector. We asked Irina to answer several questions.

How did you start working in the company? Did you come with a precise understanding of your wishes or did you “find yourself” in the process of work?

I clearly remember my first working day – April 28, 2007. I got a job in the warehouse by chance. Everything was new and unknown to me. My task consisted in the control of completed orders. Since I am very curious by nature, I mastered my job pretty soon and started taking interest in the technologies, in the organization and functions of our warehouse management solution Manhattan ILS.Net. So, I guess, I found myself in the process of work.

Irina talks about her successful career in the company 20A

What were the easiest and the hardest parts of your job? What required particular efforts on your part?

Frankly speaking, I don’t remember any great problems. Work always involves efforts and labor if you want to achieve great results. Working here was not always easy for me, but that was rather because of my emotions than difficulties and problems. I am very responsible, take everything to heart, and I am always concerned about my work, even if there are no reasons for this. However, I won’t deny that it was hard for me at first to work as a team manager. I had to create a team, learn how to manage people, and win their professional trust.

When I became a coordinator, I had to learn how to plan the work and sources, set tasks, and give feedback to my subordinates. Then I was appointed a project manager. I started learning to make forecasts, budget projects, form billings, create instructions, and hold negotiations. Yet the most important thing I understood when I became a manager is the responsibility that I bear for the entire project on service of a specific client. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to Irina Vladimirovna Ulyanova, Warehouse Service Manager, whom I consider to be my teacher and instructor, for her belief in me as a specialist and for sharing her knowledge and experience with me.

What qualities a manager should have?

First of all, professional competency and ability to understand the subordinates, to get on their right side. Besides, I believe, a sense of justice is very important for a manager.

What things are most important to you in your job?

The most important thing to me is a result, satisfaction with the work done, primarily on the part of the client rather than on my part. When you manage a project, you can create something new and propose optimization solutions. If you understand that thanks to this your client feels more comfortable, you not just go, but run to work every morning. At the same time, I care about the “life” of my employees, subordinates, and colleagues at the warehouse. It is great happiness to see the people around you smiling all the time. I like working with personnel and creating favorable conditions for them so that they would eagerly run to work like I do.

The project manager’s duties include training of new employees. What would you recommend to those who are yet to come to 20A?

My future colleagues, don’t be afraid to ask questions, be able to set goals and reach them. In our company, you will always get answers to your questions and receive support for achieving your goals because the personnel of 20A is a very united team.

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